US Veterans Return Home to new Battles

US Veterans Return Home to new Battles

VETS and Warrior care provide help with civilian life adjustments

Our US Military Veterans have proudly and bravely served their country. In the first days, weeks and months of being home they may face difficult challenges. They need to readjust to civilian life, find employment and in some cases find housing. In effort to ease veterans back into civilian life with minimal difficulties, the US Department of Labor VETS program provides several valuable resources to service members and veterans.

Any returning service member or veteran can access the VETS website to gain access to available grants, employment resources, transitional resources, educational training and many other resources. Each resource has an application form and process that needs to be carefully filled out, however the requirements to get an application approved is an easy process. Additional help is also available through staff members should any service member or veteran need extra assistance.

Service members and veterans also receive informative handbooks that cover information on each program to help them understand the steps that they will be taking. There is also a link to Warrior care which will provide a valuable benefits handbook at the VETS site or you can access it directly through the Warrior Care link. The Warrior Care handbook covers every available benefit to veterans. It provides information on medical benefits, recovery benefits, tuition assistance and general veteran’s benefits.

The Warrior Care handbook thoroughly covers veteran’s disability benefits and the process that will need to be undertaken to determine eligibility. This can be vital to an any veteran faced with the need to determine disability eligibility. Life doesn’t stop when service members leave the battle field, in many ways it begins.