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US Military get Menu Options Revamped

More fruits, veggies and whole grains

The education department isn’t the only group having their food program revamped. On Thursday when Michelle Obama is at the Little Rock Air Force base the Pentagon will officially announce new meal standards that will become regulatory for all military bases. You can expect a new variety that is more health conscious than past mess hall meals.

New menu options will limit fat intake while increases fruits, vegetables and whole grains. This will reduce operating cost associated with military personnel who have fallen out of their required fat percentage range. When a service member has too high of a fat percentage PT is a mandatory requirement before being released back to regular duty, this requires extra time and energy. Those service members that can’t seem to keep their fat percentage within normal range suffer medical needs that raise military operating cost.

This problem goes beyond active personnel. If healthy eating habits can become natural then military service members that return to civilian life will be more likely to retain their healthy eating habits. This can save medical cost within the private sector and promote a lifespan of good health. Eating habits whether good or bad are more often than not passed on to children growing up in a household. The men and women who ate better food choices while in the service will likely take those choice home and could possibly pass healthy eating onto their children which just may overtime reduce food related health problems and medical costs. This is only a start yet the outcome has the potential of spiraling growth.