Snow Express Touches Down

Snow Express Touches Down

Holiday fun for the families of our fallen soldiers.

The yearly Snowball Express flight has taken flight again this year. The Snowball Express made its first flight in 2006 and carries the families of fallen soldiers to a Holiday party. Families are limited to the family members of soldiers that have lost their lives from September 11, 2001 to present.

American Airlines have donated the planes and airport crews donate their time to help make this event possible. This year they expect 17,000 people to take part in Snowball Express and so far 8 flights have already touched down in Dallas TX.

While in Dallas, families stay in a hotel free of charge and take part in a 5 day long extravaganza. They have rodeo events, games with prizes, amusement park rides and more Santa’s than they’ll ever know what to do with. This is an exciting yearly event that brings joy to both volunteers and the family members that attend.

This event won’t replace their lost soldier but at least it gives something back. These family members have lost husbands, wives, fathers and mothers and the pain that is felt from that loss has to be unbearable.

The rest of us will never be able to truly understand what these spouses and children feel each day. We were able to grow up with both of our parents, even if we only had one parent we knew our other parent was still walking and breathing. Our spouses are still at our sides and if they’re not it just means we couldn’t make it work, we know that they are still alive.