What do the Defense Department Cuts mean to You?

What do the Defense Department Cuts mean to You?

This might make you mad

There have been several defense department cuts, some will affect you whereas other will not. Here’s a breakdown of everything that’s being cut that may have an impact on your life. There are a few cuts that just might make you angry.

To begin with, ground forces are being cut by “80,000 Army troops” along with another “20,000 marines”. This isn’t the first time that troops have been attacked in an effort to save money, if you remember Clinton also went straight for the military personnel. Basically, a lot of people may be going home for good, now that they are no longer are needed they can safely be fired.

You have certainly heard by now that military pay and benefits will also be cut. The Department of Defense is claiming that “military personnel costs … rose 30 percent.” To reduce cost they are planning on making a few changes.

Military retirees will have the cost of their health insurance increase. So what does that mean exactly? It means that the men and women who bravely gave their all and are now growing old will have to pay a higher price for the care that they were promised. Once again the fat cats will stick it to the brave soldiers that served, now that they are no longer needed or useful.

Retirement plans are being revamped. They have promised not to touch any current retirement plan, however that’s probably due to the fact that they are under contract. Future military personnel will need to read their enlistment contracts more careful than ever before. Aside from less than adequate retirement plans, future military personnel will also have a less than adequate pay structure.