Watching the door

Watching the door

He made it through!

  If you remember last week I reported that Swink1 was headed out to the Team Member Stakes. He made it home and in one piece but not without some issues. Apparently this particular exercise was rather difficult and a few soldiers were injured though not severely. He said that this past Tuesday was probably one of the hardest days he has had in his 13 years in the Army. That is saying a lot for a guy who was once a medic with an infantry unit and has been to Iraq twice.

  On the home front it was life as usual. We go about our daily lives of school (here at home), cleaning, cooking, and a trip out and about if the weather is decent enough. It gets pretty hard keeping three kids entertained and their energy expelled when it’s too cold to take them out. Spring and summer need to HURRY UP! I need to be outside much more than I currently am and so do the kids.

  The hardest part of him being gone is how it affects the kids. As I shared last time our older two deal rather well with daddy being gone since they have had more experience with it. Our baby had a hard time since she would rather daddy be the one to put her to bed at night and she can usually be found attached to him when he is home. I think the part that saddens me the most is the door. Every time someone opened the garage door she would run (on her little 18 month old legs) to the door calling, “Dada…dada,” and when he wasn’t there the sadness on her little face tore at my heart.

  The positive thing about him traveling though is that we cherish the times together so much more. I love the fact that when he is home my husband is really home. He talks to the kids, reads to them, plays with them, and just all around loves on them. They enjoy being with their daddy and will seek him out just to be with him. They are incredibly blessed to have such a great dad and I am incredibly blessed to have such a great husband.