US Veterans remain Heroes in Civilian Life

US Veterans remain Heroes in Civilian Life

Warriors and Wolves Program Promotes Healing for Vets and Wolves

Animals have been known to promote healing for some time now. Sometimes animals can heal others while they are being healed. This happens when strength comes from both sides and healing becomes the only true outcome.

Three months ago 29 hybrid wolf-dogs were taken in by a California Animal Rescue Center, the animals were rescued from an Alaska tourist attraction. Three separate veterans volunteered to help the animals in need and through care the animals and the veterans have begun to heal. Each volunteer veteran has shown that even at home they will come together to fight for the rights and needs of others, even if the others happen to be mistreated animals held in captivity.

A Navy Vet of Ten Years, Stanley McDonald is one of the US veteran volunteers and uses the strength of these animals to find his own strength. He has battled with alcoholism throughout his life and following his time in service has been diagnosed with PTSD which in itself can amplify alcoholism just as alcoholism can amplify problems associated with PTSD. McDonald is striving to overcome his alcoholism as he fights for these damaged wolves and has stated in a recent interview that, “he’s learned from the animals and knew if he could help them, he could help himself.”

Just as these animals have learned to trust and have begun to heal both physically and emotionally, so has McDonald. In the time that he has worked with these animals he has also reconnected with his family. It has been a hard uphill battle, though through strength and bravery  McDonald has become the man he wanted to be, the man that his family could believe in. by helping injured wolves McDonald has helped himself.