US Military gets new Mini Robots

US Military gets new Mini Robots

They will be used for surveillance so that soldiers can limit their exposure risk

Our US military has just made an order to receive micro sized robots. I’ve never wanted to be in the military as much as I do right now. I mean just think I could have my own little squad of mini robots to lead into battle.

All kidding aside, these robots are pretty cool. They’re rather indestructible and can withstand extreme impacts. They will be used to perform surveillance, they have the ability to get into places that soldiers can’t go into without being noticed. These robots will basic help to prevent military casualties and will improve the chances of soldiers returning home from battle.

They are light weight and actually come with their own carrying case so that soldiers can have them on their side at all times. This will enable American soldiers to access the benefits of these robots whenever they need a few extra eyes.  The only downfall is that they run off of battery power so soldiers will need to make sure that they are charged.

This is almost something I would expect to see in a sci-fi movie. It’s actually rather exciting to thank that we have robots to help us out during times of battle. Of course they can’t fight, however give them time they just might eventually be able to. Honestly, did you ever think that robots would actually become part of our armed service. Remember watching terminator and how at the time it was a great yet out of reach possibility, well we have in fact made our first series of combat robots. I wonder how much further technology can take us.