US Defense Department is Striving to Protect the Privates or our Privates

US Defense Department is Striving to Protect the Privates or our Privates

World War II laws are currently preventing progress

US Army is facing difficulties in sending out US troops with protective briefs. This became an issue after data from 2010 determined that 13% of military hospitalizations were a result of injuries surrounding the genital region. The real problem lies in an old law based out of World War II that requires that any food or uniform material for military use be purchased through domestic suppliers, using domestic material.

This is a problem simply due to the fact that the best protective gear is made from silk, which is imported. There are synthetic silk options that are domestic however testing has yet to conclude whether synthetic silk will hold up to possible bomb explosions. Meanwhile Kevlar and other options are being explored. One option that’s being considered is a protective cup, however that will only protect the groin itself and not the entire region.

The US is trying to get permission for a onetime exclusion that will allow them to purchase nondomestic materials. If they’re able to they have the opportunity to make protective briefs that provide both protection and comfort. Additionally, they’ll be able to provide an option to cover the entire thigh region.

Other countries that aren’t bound by laws to only purchase materials that are made on their soil already have protective wear. Sadly we are one of the few countries that have yet to provide a solution to our troops. Hopefully, we’ll be able to find a way around this problem so that our troops can also be protected from unnecessary harm.