Upcoming excitement

Upcoming excitement

Things have been quite chill here this past week. My husband made it through the CLS class in nice fashion and that was that.  No classes this week and not much excitement going on here just the same ol’ same ol’. Next week will see things get quite a bit more interesting though and slightly busy.

  The unit will be doing Team Member Stakes this coming week. What exactly is that? Apparently it is three looooooooong days of stress and lack of sleep. Tuesday morning they will start out with a PT test then move straight into a ruck march to a land navigation course. Doesn’t that sound like fun? Oh yeah! Ok…did anyone else catch the sarcasm in that last little bit? That’s just Tuesday.

  I have absolutely no clue what will be going on the other two days but suffice it to say that it shall be a time to test the skills of the techs. These stakes will set a ranking system within the company that will determine what the individual soldiers need to work on and allow more appropriate training to occur. It sounds like a perfect chance to mess with a bunch of soldiers and make their lives crazy for a few days!

  The best part about this week? It’s going to be cold…very cold. Tuesday night the low is expected to be around 16 and won’t get that much better the following night. I don’t envy these guys (and the few girls) that will be spending their time out there freezing their butts off and doing lots of good training.   

  Here on the home front it’ll be interesting without daddy around. Our littlest one is uber attached to her daddy and doesn’t like him being gone. Our older two aren’t really fond of it but are more used to it than the baby. I guess this is good practice for train up time and ultimately deployment since, as we all know; with the Army comes deployment.  All will be well here and in the field. The Army life marches on!