Grant Library

Grant Library

  It’s taken us a few months to actually check out the post Library but we finally made it there a week ago. There are a number of positives about the library but as with anything there are a few negatives as well. Let’s break it down:


  • Free wifi -  available even out on the patio so you can use it even when the library is closed
  • Children’s area – has some great books (obviously) and four dedicated computers for the young ‘uns. Story time -  10:30 a.m. for preschoolers
  • Reading Club – a group that meets once a month to discuss a selection for adults and a summer reading program for the kiddos.
  • Computers – I didn’t actually count how many but I know there a quite a few for use.
  • Study Rooms – They have cubicles you can sit in as well as actual rooms to use if you need a quiet place to study or read.
  • Free magazines – I’m really fond of this one since I love magazines. They have a stack near the front door so you can take them on your way out.


In all honesty there isn’t much that’s negative about this library. The one big thing that is particularly annoying is the weird balance in genres.  I know that much of what is carried are the current popular picks but the overabundance of vampire books is annoying. There is a huge selection of them right in the middle of the library. I’ve read a few vampire books in my time but I’m not obsessed with them; and in all actuality believe many of them aren’t well written but rather are just written to take advantage of the recent popularity. My husband went looking for some good books to take to the field with him and found possibly a handful written by Christian authors. The selection for this genre was almost nonexistent and since that’s what we prefer it makes it a  bit harder.

Overall it’s a great library and I can see us spending a ton of time there. We will definitely take advantage of the story times and I would love to get involved in the book club. Perhaps I can spend a night out a month talking to other grown-ups (rather than the 6 and under crowd) about grown-up things! Check out your local library!