Emo girls and bummed out boys

Emo girls and bummed out boys

Just because you choose a certain life doesn’t mean you have to love every piece of said life. My husband and I separately chose the military life back in the nineties. We lived it singly and as a married couple and enjoyed our time immensely.  We lived the National Guard (two deployments) life as a couple and as parents and now we are back to active duty as parents.

  When it’s just you or just you and your spouse then it’s not so bad. Actually, my husband and I use to joke that with field missions and deployments it’s like you get repeated honeymoons! Woohoo, that’s a bonus. The hard part comes when you have kids; becoming parents changes everything.

  None of our kids are old enough to actually remember a deployment with more than extremely vague memories. When my husband went to a school in 2010 the bigs were old enough to know what was going and realize that daddy wasn’t going to be home for a while. Our son is pretty easy going but he was a little more emotional than normal during that time. I was attempting to potty train our daughter at the time, bad idea. There were too many accidents to count and the crying increased.

Currently my husband is on a training mission where he’s been for a couple of weeks and we still have another week left. In all reality a three week mission isn’t bad; it’s rather short in the grand scheme of things.  Here at the Swink household it’s FOREVER though! Our son is bummed but not stressing too much, our oldest daughter is exceedingly emotional and cries about everything under the sun, and our baby girl cries and runs to the garage every time the door opens calling for daddy.

  The emotions are running high and I can’t wait for my husband to get home! We are trying to look at this in a good light and think of it as getting ready for a deployment when it happens. It doesn’t make it any easier though.  We did choose this life for ourselves and for our family but it doesn’t make it easy to watch as my kiddos go through pain and learn how to deal with the changes that come with a military life.